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Great patient care can only be achieved if your technology works how you need it to, when you need it to. That’s why First Column IT provides customized IT services for healthcare practices. Whether you’re a private practice or a large-scale facility, our team is capable of delivering high quality, reliable, cost-effective solutions that your team can truly rely on.

We utilize the best of advanced, zero trust security, collaboration tools, networking, hardware, healthcare IT consulting, and more to handcraft the system your team needs, so they can focus on patient care. Because when it comes to saving a life, nothing should stand in your way.

Does your technology solution provide secure, consistent, effortless communication?

First Column IT offers IT services specifically for healthcare providers, like:

Advanced Security

Cloud Migration and Interface Solutions

Advanced Security

Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Advanced Security

Advanced, Zero Trust Security

Advanced Security

Compliance Management

Hospitals are victims to over 30% of all large data breaches.

-Cyber MDX


Large Data Breaches

Never Miss a Beat When Caring for Your Patients with Sturdy Technology Solutions