Co-Managed IT Services

Increase the Capabilities of Your Current Team

Enhance Your Team with Cost-Effective Expertise

Sometimes, the best solution isn’t a complete operational overhaul. Maybe your team needs a few extra hands on deck to give them the ability to refocus priorities. Or perhaps you need to clear through a backlog of busy work. First Column IT can offer co-managed IT services that fit the scope of work and timeframe needed.

And if your current technology team doesn’t have the deep industry insight required to strategize how to leverage technology to catalyze growth, we also offer assistance in the form of virtual CIO services. VCIO services are for those who need dedicated planning and advising, as well as someone to present solutions to key stakeholders or decision-makers. Our co-managed IT services can be customized to fill the missing links of your business, allowing for a beneficial partnership no matter the needs of your team.

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With Co-Managed IT Services, You’ll Get:


More Control over Costs


Greater Focus on Problem Areas


Reduced Burnout and Stress


Increased Access to Skilled Technology Experts

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Advanced Security

IT Consulting

Whether you want to bend the ear of an expert or need a dedicated vCIO to catalyze growth and structure, we have exactly what you need. Our team has decades of experience advising, leading, and implementing strategic blueprints to take a concept and bring it to life for businesses of all industries and sizes.

Managed IT

IT Project Work

Have a complex, specific need for one-time managed IT services? Our team can execute even the most daunting of IT projects with ease, efficiency, and intention. Simply define your goals, and we’ll get right to work sourcing the best products and techniques to implement within your unique solution.

Managed IT

Hardware as a Service

With dozens of specifications and variations of products, it can feel nearly impossible to get exactly what you need. First Column IT can source hardware that will meet the functionality your business needs without stress or excessive add-ons. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll advise on, deliver, and install the perfect products.

Improve the health and quality of your business and security.